The Cyprus Peace Council expresses its deep sorrow for the loss of the great leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, a genuine anti-imperialist, fighter of world peace and true defender of internationalist solidarity. Fidel Castro was a world revolutionary who was full of love for man and the ideals of freedom, justice and peace, social progress, friendship and solidarity among peoples and nations. A leader, whose life, revolutionary action and bright example formed a brilliant inspiration and a reference point for the Cuban people and all the struggling peoples for freedom, social justice and national sovereignty.
Comandante Fidel, as was called by the revolutionaries around the world, never compromised with injustice, never compromised with imperialism, never stood weak before the powerful enemy, never sacrificed even a little his ideals, he never retreated before the fury and power of the enemies of peace and of the peoples, before imperialism. He never negotiated the sovereignty of Cuba and the revolutionary Socialist character of the island. Until his last breath, he remained at the forefront of the struggle, defending the socialist path of development of the country against the US threats and of the global capital.
Fidel passed away last Friday, but he remains not merely as a memory but as a revolutionary reference point for the Cuban people and all the struggling peoples against imperialism. Such people are the Cypriot people who are still under the Turkish occupying forces. His example should teach us and guide us to awaken and to encourage us to continue the struggle for freedom, peace and social justice.
We bow before the greatness of this international insubordinate rebel. must learn to live without Fidel, but we will continue to live with his lasting revolutionary ideas, his example and the rich legacy that he left behind.
We express our full support to the millions of Cubans who are grieving for the loss of their historic leader and we stress that the Cypriot peace loving, anti-imperialists will never forget Fidel. We are confident that the people of Cuba, who are by the side of the struggling people of Cyprus, will continue the path of Fidel and will not kneel in the face of the forces of darkness, despite the physical absence of Fidel Castro.
Nicosia, November 28, 2016

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