Solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela


The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is being targeted by a violent, destabilizing, putschist campaign promoted by the USA and the Venezuelan oligarchy, part of an offensive against the peoples and the progressive anti-imperialist and sovereign affirmation processes in Latin America and the Caribbean, an offensive that aims at imposing USA’s politic and economic domination in the region.

Venezuela’s immense natural resources, namely its oil reserves, are the target of big multinational corporations greed, namely from the USA, that never accepted the process of change and transformations initiated by President Hugo Chávez 18 year ago.

The ongoing economic war, financial blockade, boycott, hoarding of goods, price speculation, destabilization hot-spots, sabotage actions and acts of extreme violence and destruction carried out by fascist groups, the media war of disinformation and manipulation, all correspond to powerful plans of interference and putsch subversion aiming at attacking the legitimate power democratically exercised by President Nicolás Maduro, by its government and other institutional bodies, exercised by the Venezuelan people that defend freedom, democracy, peace, that defend the Venezuelan Constitution.

The putschist forces and those that support them internally and abroad, creating a false image of the situation in Venezuela – presenting as “democrats” the putschist and terrorist groups, and as “repression” the action of those that truly defend freedom, democracy and the safety and well-being of Venezuelan citizens – and calling for a USA backed foreign intervention, have set in motion a new operation of interference and aggression, like the ones USA have unleashed against other States and peoples, this time against the Bolivarian process and the Venezuelan people, their conquests and achievements.

By the foregoing and in the defence of peace and of the sovereignty and independence of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in defence of the right of the Venezuelan people to decide their fate, the signatory organizations:

Repudiate the actions of interference, economic war and aggression against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its people;

Condemn the criminal act of extreme violence perpetrated by terrorist groups against the Venezuelan people, against their freedom, security and well-being;

Express their solidarity with the patriotic, democratic, progressive, anti-imperialist Venezuelan forces, namely to the International Solidarity Committee (COSI), in their defence of the rights and aspirations of the Venezuelan people, the defence of the independence of their motherland – the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – and of its Constitution.

Co-signing organizations:

All India Peace and Solidarity Organization

Association for Defence of Peace, Solidarity and Democracy – Iran

Brazilian Center for Solidarity with Peoples and Struggle for Peace

British Peace Assembly

Bulgarian National Peace Council

Civic Association Soldiers Against War – Czech Republic

Cyprus Peace Council

Czech Peace Movement

Forum Against the War – Italy

INTAL – Belgium

Peace and Neutrality Alliance – Ireland

Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation

Sudan Peace and Solidarity Council

Swiss Peace Movement

United States Peace Council



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