El Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberanía de los Pueblos declara su solidaridad con el ex Presidente de Brasil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva preso desde el 7 de abril de 2018 y acusado de un crimen prefabricado y amañado, con pruebas que no han podido ser demostradas, y que fueron aceptadas como válidas por el entonces juez Sergio Moro, quien gracias a sus “buenos oficios” es actualmente Ministro de Justicia y Seguridad Pública del Gobierno de Jair Bolsonaro.

Los Movimiento Sociales y fuerzas de izquierda debemos realizar acciones efectivas para que cesen definitivamente las persecuciones políticas y la judicialización contra los mandatarios y líderes que han llevado a sus pueblos el bienestar y la justicia social.

¡¡¡Lula es inocente!!!

¡¡¡Exigimos la libertad inmediata para Lula!!!



On the occasion of 20th anniversary of the aggression of NATO Alliance against Serbia (the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the FRY), on 22nd and 23rd March 2019 Belgrade was the venue of the International Conference under slogan NEVER TO FORGET, and title “Peace and Progress instead of Wars and Poverty”. The organisers of the Conference are the Belgrade Forum for the World of Equals, the Federation of Associations of Veterans of the National Liberation War of Serbia, the Serbian Generals and Admirals Club, the Society of the Serbian Hosts, in cooperation with the World Peace Council. Besides the participants from Serbia, the Conference was attended by more than 200 distinguished guests from some 35 countries from all over the world, whom the organisers welcomed and expressed sincerest gratitude for their solidarity, support and huge humanitarian relief during one of the most challenging periods in the recent history of Serbia and the Serbian nation.

The program of activities marking this anniversary was dedicated to preserving the lasting memory and paying tribute to the military and the police personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of their country against the aggression, as well as to the civilian victims including the very young, the very old, and the ailing victims killed during this 78-day aggression by NATO.

The participants have unanimously condemned NATO aggression, affirming that in its essence it was an illegal, invading and criminal war against a peaceful sovereign European country, waged without the UN Security Council mandate and under brute violation of the United Nations Charter, the OSCE Helsinki Final (1975) and the basic principles of international law.

By attacking Serbia (the FRY), the leading Western powers championed by the USA had exposed the freedom-loving and justness-oriented Serbian people to anguish, devastation, and lasting suffering for the sake of attaining their imperialistic geopolitical aims for control of natural and energy, resources, the road of transport and the sphere of influence. This was neither ‘a small war’ nor ‘a humanitarian intervention’, but rather a war of underlying geopolitical goals for the long-term deployment of the US troops in the Balkans, for the establishment of case precedent for future aggressions, and for the toppling of legitimate governments, all within the Eastbound Expansion Strategy and the overall goal of setting the global dominance. The history will note the fact that, back in 1999, blindly following alien geopolitical interests, Europe fought itself.

The Balkan is today more unstable. Europe is even more divided. Europe’s backtracking to itself requires some soul-searching, courage and the vision, including confession that the attack against Serbia (the FRY) in 1999 was a colossal historical error.

The aggression’s masterminds and executors should be held responsible for their crimes. The aggression killed some 4,000 persons (including 79 children), whereas additional 6,500 people were seriously wounded. Direct material damage amounted to US 100 billion. It was stressed that NATO and its members participating in the aggression had duty to compensate the damages of war to Serbia.

The participants of the Conference were informed about the findings of scientific and expert analyses conducted so far, all confirming that the use of ammunition filled with depleted uranium, and of graphite and cluster bombs and other inflammable and toxic means of warfare, have resulted in high levels of the long-term environmental pollution and the massive-scale endangering of the Serbian citizens. They welcomed the establishment of special bodies of both the national Assembly and of the Government of Serbia tasked with determining the consequences of NATO aggression reflected on the health of population and the safety of environment, and expressed support to the work of those bodies.

The forcible and unlawful tearing Kosovo and Metohija off Serbia continues, through the constant pressuring of Serbia to formally acknowledge the splitting off of a part of territory of its State. Participants of the Conference underscored that a forcible taking of Kosovo and Metohija apart from Serbia would become a precedent which, in turn, would inevitably pave the way for drawing the new borders in the Balkans and the creation of the so-called Greater Albania at the expense of territories of the states of Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece, and Montenegro, what must not be permitted.

 NATO aggression against Serbia (the FRY) was a direct and simultaneous attack on the peace and security system in Europe and in the world, which has been constructed on the outcome of the Second World War. As conclusively demonstrated by the subsequent interventions of the USA and its allies (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Syria, etc.), this aggression has served as case-precedent and template to globalize the interventionism, a manual on how to utilize terrorism and separatism to carry out the Western powers’ plans of conquest, in order to forcibly topple ‘unsuitable’ regimes and impose geopolitical interests of the West, notably, of the USA.

NATO aggression against Serbia (the FRY), an act of most blatant violation of fundamental principles of the international law, is unjustifiable; aggressor’s responsibility cannot be diminished by hypocritical attempts to transfer responsibility onto Serbia or her that-time state leadership. This NATO aggression made history as an indicator of moral and civilisation decline that, twenty years on, the governments of the leading aggressor countries have neither been pardoned, nor gotten to learn the right lesson from.

Participants of the Conference expressed their strong support to, and solidarity with efforts Serbia invests in remedying the grave and lasting consequences of the aggression and to her striving to prevent the continuation of NATO aggression by other means. They explicitly supported Serbia’s efforts to preserve own sovereignty and territorial integrity and her contribution to resolve the future status of Kosovo and Metohija, which will be in line with international law and Resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council. They denounced the policy of coercion, pressures, and unilateral steps.

The aggressors’ responsibility for the committed crimes and the inflicted damage cannot be either justified or diminished. Serbia is entitled to seek indemnification, and legal and criminal culpability of NATO leaders and the responsible members. Demand was made to immediately prosecute all those responsible for the crimes against the Serbian nation, and in particular for the case of illicit trafficking in human organs harvested from the abducted Serbs, in accordance with the Report of Disk Marty and relevant decision of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe..

The aggression of 1999 against Serbia (the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) and its other more recent military interventions have transformed NATO into an openly offensive military alliance, which is responsible for the present-day Balkans and Europe being more discordant and volatile, for militarization of Europe and of international relations, for reaching the lowest point of distrust and confrontation since the Cold War, and for the thoroughly shaken the global security order.

NATO is but a tool of the military industry complex and the largest capital domination, rather than a tool of peace, peoples’ needs, and progress. This is why NATO, a Cold War relic, should be dissolved and foreign military camps abolished, including military base Bondsteele in the Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija.

Participants of the Conference held that the world was going through period of growing distrust, tensions, and threats of new interventions and conflicts. The root causes are the aggressiveness of NATO and of alienated power centres, whose interests benefit from violations of fundamental principles of the international law, escalation of threats, renewed arms race, and militarization of international relations.

The participants have condemned all method of abuse of international institutions such as: United Nations and others, demanding their improvement and strengthening, not weakening and bypassed.

The policy of domination based on military might, typical of unipolar world order, was rejected as unacceptable because being founded on privileges and self-proclaimed excellence and not on equality of all countries and nations. Multi-polarisation excludes dominance and opens window for democratisation of international affairs. The Conference sent an appeal to all peaceful forces in the world to join forces in the struggle for the observance of the international law as based on the UN Charter, for reinforced role of the United Nations and other universal international organisations.

Participants of the Conference unanimously demanded to urgently put an end to a new arms race and violation of relevant international agreements, and to redirect the funds from the military budgets into the domains of economic development, improving quality of people’s life, and eliminating the disheartening developmental and social divergences. They expressed profound concern provoked by unilateral USA abandonment of the valid international agreements particularly of Intermediate range Nuclear Force Treaty (INF). They demanded for full respect of the existing agreements, and renewal of negotiations on stopping arm race, particularly nuclear.  

It was held that the imperialism system with its insatiable greed for someone else’s wealth, and unipolar order based on the strategy of exceptionality, dominance and NATO interventionism, are the key sources of instability, distrust, and conflicts. Peace, stability, democracy, inclusive progress, require radical changes in global relations, observance of sovereign equality, non-interference, multiculturalism, common interests, and exclusion of any egotism, protectionism, and privileges.

A statement was made that the imperialistic system, with its inherent insatiable greediness for other nations’ riches, and the unipolar order based on the strategy of exceptionalism and dominance, and NATO interventionism, are the key sources of instability, distrust, and conflicts. Peace, democracy, and progress require radical changed in global relations, observance of sovereign equality, non-interference, and multiculturalism. Stability, peace, and inclusive progress require observance of common interests, partnership, and exclusion of any egotism, protectionism, and privileges. Policy of confrontation, interventionism, and interference in the internal affairs, prompted by the military industry complex and big financial capital must give way to dialogue, partnership, observance of the basic norms of international law and international order, which are based on the common interests and mutual respect.

Participants of the Conference committed to peaceful political resolving of all international problems, under observance of principles of international law, the UN Charter, and the decisions of the UN Security Council.

The Conference pledged full solidarity with the people and the Government of Venezuela led by their legitimate President Nicolas Maduro, and voiced utmost support to their decisive and dignified refusal of attempts made by the USA, the European Union, the Organisation of the American States (OAS), and others, to forcibly overthrow the legitimate leadership. Participants expressed belief that the Venezuelan people would prevail in their just and legitimate struggle to defend themselves against all pressures and threats, and that they would find the best solutions for their ongoing hardships by means of dialogue and peaceful ways.

Participants of the Conference expressed deep respect, solidarity, and support to the Syrian Government, Army, and the people in their long-standing and heroic struggle against foreign aggression, foreign mercenaries and international terrorists. They also expressed profound acknowledgment for the success in liberating the country from Islamic and other fundamentalists. They gave support to preserving the territorial integrity and unity of Syria, and condemned all attempts to divide or dismember the country.

The participants appealed that the Middle East crisis be resolved by peaceful, political means, without policy of fait accompli, respecting the inalienable rights of the Palestinian People to independent State in the borders of pre 4th of June 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right for free and safe return of all Palestinian refugees, according to the UN Resolution 194. 

The Conference expressed deepest concerns over extended external aggression in Yemen, together with its solidarity with the Yemeni people suffering under ruthless external aggression by the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia and supported by certain Western powers. An appeal was made to immediately stop this external aggression and to observe freedoms and rights of the Yemeni people to make its own decisions regarding its own destiny.

Belgrade, 23rd March 2019

El Movimiento Checo por la Paz protesta contra el reconocimiento de Juan Guaidó como el “presidente provisional de Venezuela”

El Movimiento Checo por la Paz esta en desacuerdo por reconocimiento de Juan Guaidó como el „presidente provisional de Venezuela“ por parte del Gobierno Checo. Con esto el La Republica Checa se ha unido vergonzosamente a Los Estados Unidos de America y La Unión Europea en los intentos de golpe de Estado en la República Bolivariana de Venezuela.

En conjunto al Consejo Mundial de la Paz, El Movimiento Checo por la Paz denuncia contundentemente el intento de derrocamiento al gobierno legítimo y constitucional del presidente democraticalmente electo de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela Nicolás Maduro, y a la escalada continúa de preparación de una agresión militar del Imperialismo Norteamericano al pueblo noble de Venezuela.

El Movimiento Checo por la Paz se pone de lado del pueblo venezolano, que lucha protegiendo su soberanía, democracia y el progreso social que ha representado la Revolución Bolivariana, reiteramos que nos oponemos fuertemente a los intentos de golpe de Estado y al peligro de la agresión militar imperialista que atenta contra la paz de Venezuela. ¡Manos fuera de Venezuela!

Milan Krajca, presidente del Movimiento Checo por la Paz

The Czech Peace Movement protests against the recognition of Juan Guaidó as the „provisional president of Venezuela“

The Czech Peace Movement most definitely protests against the recognition of Juan Gaidó as „the provisional president of Venezuela“ by the Czech government. At this step the Czech Republic has shamefully joined the United States of America and the Euroepoan Union  in attempts of coup d´etat in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Alongside with the World Peace Council, the Czech Peace Movement conclusively denounces the attempts of overthrowing the legitimate government of the democratically elected president of  Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro and the escalating preparations of military aggression of the American Imperialism.

The Czech Peace Movement stands firmly on the side of Venezuelan people, protecting the sovereignty of their country, democracy, and social progress represented by the Bolivarian revolution against the putschists attempts of coup d´etat and against the danger of imperialistic military aggression. Hands off Venezuela!

Milan Krajca, chairman of the Czech Peace Movement

The Assembly of Caribbean People denounces the attempted coup against the Venezuelan people and the democratically- elected President of the sovereign Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro Moros

The Assembly of Caribbean People, representing Caribbean persons from all the insular Caribbean together with Belize, Guyana, Suriname and Guyenne, denounces the treacherous attempt by Juan Guaido to sell the Venezuelan people out to the interests of the United States (US) and creating the conditions for civil war in Venezuela and for military intervention by the United States.
There is clear evidence that the US Administration of Donald Trump orchestrated this attempted coup d’etat by Guaido. In violation of the long established principles of non-intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign states, the United States has been actively collaborating with the Venezuelan Opposition to effect the coup d’etat. The US has also attempted to manipulate inter-state organisations such as the Organisation of American States (OAS) through the infamous Lima Group with the support of the discredited OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro. The US, Almagro and the Lima group have unsuccessfully tried to have Venezuela expelled from the OAS or have President Maduro declared as illegitimate. Had this ploy succeeded, the stage would have been set for external intervention, including the use of military force to overthrow the democratically-elected Nicolas Maduro-Moros.
The Assembly of Caribbean People recognizes and congratulates those Governments of the Caribbean which have taken principled positions at the OAS and defeated this imperialist strategy. Their actions as small states in defense of the sovereignty of Venezuela is courageous and is reason to make all Caribbean people proud.

One key element of the US, its allies and the right wing opposition in Venezuela has been to continuously seek to delegitimize the Venezuelan government, by repeating the lies that President Maduro was not democratically elected; that his government is not legitimate; that he is a “brutal dictator” who is repressing the people. These lies have been spread by a complicit mainstream western media. It is a very similar strategy as that used to justify the invasion of Iraq, when the lie was perpetrated that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction”.
The truth is that there have been more democratic exercises of elections (some 27) in Venezuela in the past 20 years than in any other country in this hemisphere. President Maduro was democratically elected in May 2018 when more than six million Venezuelans voted for him. It is the right wing opposition that has consistently rejected the democratic process by either boycotting elections, as sections of them did in May 2018, or using violence on the streets as the means of removing President Maduro. It must be recalled that these elections were held following mediation talks in the Dominican Republic facilitated by the President of that Caribbean country and supported by a former President of Spain and four Latin America governments. The opposition reneged on the agreements arrived at in those mediation talks and thus demonstrated their rejection of democracy, dialogue and peace. The election process by which President Maduro was elected is the very process by which the opposition was willing to recognize in December 2015 when it worked in favour of them in the National Assembly elections.
It must also be recalled that the right wing oligarchs of Venezuela who have historically controlled both economic and political power and who never accepted their loss of control after the election of President Chavez effected a coup d’etat against President Chavez. The coup makers were instantly recognized by the US State department as the rulers of Venezuela and it took the masses of people to overturn the coup and restore President Chavez to office.
Despite the large manipulative propaganda campaign launched by the US and their allies, the Assembly of Caribbean People knows the long history of US imperialist interventions in the Caribbean and Latin America and refuses to be misled and manipulated by a country that has absolutely no interest in the welfare of the Venezuelan people. As Trump’s national security adviser has openly admitted – the US interest is in the oil (and other) wealth of Venezuela to be exploited by US multinational corporations.

For a country that claims to be concerned about the well-being of the Venezuelan people, it is to be noted that the harsh and punitive sanctions imposed by the US has resulted in major suffering of the Venezuelan people and were denounced as being illegal and oppressive by former UN rapporteur and international law specialist, Alfred de Zayas in his Report commissioned by the United Nations.
The Regional Executive Committee of the Assembly of Caribbean People urges all the people of the Caribbean not to succumb to US interference. We must reject outright the complete disregard for international law by the US and the irrefutable attempt at furthering their agenda of world dominance. We oppose any military intervention in Venezuela and reiterate the position of CELAC that this must be a Zone of Peace. We support the position taken by CARICOM, the Government of Cuba and encourage CARICOM Heads of Government to pursue avenues for the peaceful resolution through dialogue of the crisis in Venezuela. We stand firmly with the people of Venezuela who have the inalienable right to govern their own affairs. We reiterate the internationally recognized right to self-determination and the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. We express our solidarity with and support for the democratically elected and legitimate President of Venezuela – Nicolas Maduro Moros.

In Solidarity,

David Abdulah
Member of the Regional Executive Committee
Assembly of Caribbean People


La Unión Dominicana de Periodistas por la Paz, Inc. (UDPP) expresa su altísima preocupación por la situación socio-política que vive la hermana República Bolivariana de Venezuela después de que un grupo de países de América, con Estados Unidos y Canadá a la cabeza, haya decidido propiciar el derrocamiento del gobierno que preside el ciudadano Nicolás Maduro Moros, tras la autoproclamación del señor Juan Guaidó como presunto Presidente Interino de la nación suramericana.  En consecuencia,  proclama su más enérgica condena en contra del  criminal plan imperialista para derrocar  al gobierno legítimamente elegido de Venezuela. La única vía aceptada en el concierto de las naciones civilizadas  para acceder al poder es la eleccionaria, por lo que la oposición venezolana debe someterse a las reglas de  la Constitución y la ley,  participando, si desea el poder, en las elecciones que se organizan legalmente en ese país.

Condena enérgicamente la actitud grosera de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA), entidad de triste y lamentable recordación en nuestro país, tras ordenar la invasión de 1965 a la República Dominicana, en el sentido de que esa  entidad está al servicio exclusivo de los intereses macabros del imperio norteamericano y sus lacayos.  

La cruel agresión a que está sometida la República Bolivariana de Venezuela se debe fundamentalmente, en estos momentos, al interés de Estados Unidos de excluir a Rusia y a China del comercio en la región de América Latina y el Caribe y su posterior apropiación de las distintas fuentes de riquezas del país suramericano.

Nuestra organización condena vehementemente la actitud del gobierno dominicano que preside el Lic. Danilo Medina Sánchez, al  sumarse al coro de aves de rapiña de América, coordinado en el Cártel de Lima, que pretende desconocer al gobierno legítimo de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela.

Condena asimismo, la actitud  de subordinación y sumisión  de algunos de los gobiernos de América en el sentido de prestarse a una actitud tan vulgar como es la irracional agresión a una nación hermana, con la cual nos unen grandes lazos históricos de solidaridad  y amistad  y declara que, esos países, no sus pueblos, son enemigos de las normas de pacífica convivencia, al desconocer que América Latina es un Continente de Paz, tal y como fue proclamado por la CELAC. 

Finalmente, llamamos a todos los pueblos sensatos de América y el mundo para que comprendan la grave situación en la que se encuentra la hermana República Bolivariana de Venezuela tras el perverso bloqueo económico que pretende agotar por hambre al heroico pueblo venezolano, para que se unan y junto a la propuesta de México y Uruguay, acogida por su Santidad, el Papa Francisco, se busque una salida legítima a la terrible crisis económica y política a la que el imperialismo norteamericano y sus lacayos de América y el mundo, han sometido a la Patria de Bolívar.

¡Viva la paz y la hermanad entre los pueblos! ¡Fuera el imperialismo y sus lacayos de Venezuela!


Moca, 26 de enero de 2019

Día del natalicio del Padre de la Patria Juan Pablo Duarte y Díez, el más grande entre los grandes de nuestra Nación

Declaración del Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberanía de los Pueblos

El Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberanía de los Pueblos expresa su total solidaridad y apoyo a la revolución Bolivariana de Venezuela, y a su legítimo presidente Nicolás Maduro Moros. De igual manera hace constar el más enérgico rechazo a las maniobras imperialistas orquestadas, con la intención de provocar un golpe de Estado que pretende situar en la presidencia de la hermana nación a una marioneta de los intereses de la Casa Blanca, y de sus acólitos en cualquier latitud. 

La participación funesta en la denominada guerra hispano-cubana-norteamericana (calificada por Lenin como la primera contienda imperialista de la historia), la agresión a Panamá, en diciembre de 1989; pasando por sus aventuras en Centroamérica, o las invasiones a República Dominicana, en abril de 1965, y Granada, en octubre de 1983, son apenas algunos ejemplos terribles de una manera de actuar en la que violaron los más elementales preceptos del Derecho Internacional.

No hemos estado de brazos cruzados, sin embargo, desde este lado. La fuerza de las ideas y el ejemplo bicentenario de nuestros próceres animaron perennemente a no dejarnos doblegar y construir  nuestro destino. El triunfo de la Revolución Cubana, en enero de 1959, la victoria en las urnas  de la Unidad Popular de Salvador Allende, a comienzos de la década del 70, así como de la Revolución Sandinista, en Nicaragua en julio de 1979, y la llegada al Palacio de Miraflores de Hugo Chávez Frías, en febrero de 1999, son algunas de las demostraciones fidedignas  de que resultó imposible arrebatarnos nuestros sueños.

Contra la revolución bolivariana, en particular, se han llevado a cabo en los últimos años una avalancha de ataques, en múltiples ámbitos. Los desconcierta la fuerza de ese pueblo para ser fiel al legado de su Comandante Presidente Chávez, acompañando con entusiasmo a Nicolás Maduro en todas las tareas. En su delirio han empleado cualquier estratagema. Desde una guerra económica despiadada para privar a la población de recursos de toda índole (como hacen con Cuba mediante un bloqueo criminal diseñado en buena medida desde el propio 1959) hasta planes de magnicidio (como el perpetrado el 4 de agosto del 2018) pasando por reconocer a figuras espurias, sin ninguna autoridad moral ni legal, desconociendo de paso la voluntad de las instituciones que sí están refrendadas por el apoyo popular.

El presidente Maduro y la dirección revolucionaria en general (incluido uno de sus pilares: la unidad cívico-militar) no solo han dado pruebas de su entereza inquebrantable en defender a su pueblo, sino que gozan del respaldo y aprecio de millones de personas e innumerables gobiernos en todo el mundo.

Estamos seguros que esta nueva andanada en detrimento de las leyes y justicia venezolana se estrellara contra la coraza popular, que es la verdadera protagonista de las transformaciones sociales y económicas que allí se desarrollan. 

Creemos en el pueblo de Bolívar y en su convicción acendrada de proseguir haciendo camino al andar, en favor de los desposeídos de siempre. Ningún títere del imperio, ni prensa amarilla, ni organización fantoche van a impedir que los hermanos venezolanos continúen venciendo.

El Movimiento Cubano por la Paz  y la Soberanía de los Pueblos, hace un llamado a todos los movimientos de paz del mundo, movimientos sociales y de solidaridad a rechazar la intentona de golpe de Estado contra la hermana República de Venezuela y su legítimo presidente Nicolás Maduro.

¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

La Habana, 24 de enero del 2019. 

¡Rechacemos a la injerencia y amenazas contra el gobierno reelecto de Venezuela!

Las fuerzas democráticas y progresistas han acompañado y denunciado la secuencia interminable de declaraciones, sanciones y otras medidas ofensivas contra la República Bolivariana de Venezuela. Ahora, alineados a la agenda imperialista dictada por Estados Unidos para América Latina y el Caribe, a excepción de México bajo un nuevo gobierno, los países que componen el Grupo de Lima volvieron a cargar contra Venezuela y, consecuentemente, contra su pueblo, su soberanía y la democracia, al declarar no reconocer la legitimidad del gobierno del presidente reelecto Nicolás Maduro, que se inaugurará el 10 de enero.

En su desprecio por el proceso electoral democrático y legítimo, así reconocido por observadores internacionales, el Grupo de Lima, en su declaración del 4 de enero, aún se atrevió demandar al presidente reelegido por el pueblo venezolano que no asuma las funciones. Tal arrogancia es inaceptable, especialmente en una región que desde hace mucho sufre de la injerencia externa directa comandada por EE. UU., donde los pueblos siempre tuvieron que luchar arduamente por la democracia.

Las operaciones de cambio de régimen, de variadas formas, no son más que golpes de estado que atentan contra los derechos civiles y políticos de los ciudadanos y contra la soberanía de las naciones, impidiendo la estabilidad regional y relaciones de respeto, cooperación y amistad que consolidarán una paz justa y soberana. Aún más ultrajante es que se promuevan bajo el pretexto, precisamente, de proteger la democracia. El gobierno bolivariano tiene un historial de prácticas de consulta popular que lo refrendan inéditas en los países cuyos gobiernos se arrogan el papel de policía de la democracia en el continente, empezando por los gobiernos de Colombia, Perú y Brasil post golpe de estado de 2016.

El Consejo Mundial de la Paz ha reiterado su solidaridad al pueblo venezolano en el enfrentamiento a la injerencia extranjera, conducida a través del Grupo de Lima o de la Organización de Estados Americanos, pero siempre comandada por los patronos imperialistas de las fuerzas reaccionarias y golpistas, Estados Unidos. La defensa de la soberanía de Venezuela es fundamental para asegurar la Paz en el continente y fortalecer los lazos de respeto y amistad entre los pueblos.

Nos sumamos a todas las fuerzas amantes de la paz y de la libertad en el apoyo irreductible a la lucha del pueblo venezolano por su democracia y por superar de forma soberana la grave crisis política y económica, inflada a través de una pesada guerra mediática, económica y política, causando la inestabilidad, buscando instigar la polarización en el país. Estamos seguros de que el resistente pueblo venezolano superará esta amenaza, pero seguimos atentos, movilizados en la denuncia y solidarios a su lucha.

¡Todo el respeto a la soberanía de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela!

¡No a la injerencia del Grupo de Lima!

¡En defensa de la Paz entre las naciones latinoamericanas y caribeñas!

Socorro Gomes,

Presidenta del Consejo Mundial de la Paz

8 de enero de 2019

Blog de Cuba en Japón

“Admiramos a Japón por su espíritu laborioso, por su cultura, por su talento, su filosofía, por su forma de enfrentar la vida.” Fidel Castro, Inauguración del jardín japonés en La Habana, 26.10.89

El Heraldo Cubano

En busca de la verdad

Siempre con Cuba

Yo defiendo a Cuba

Asociacion Cubana de las Naciones Unidas

Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberanía de los Pueblos


Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberanía de los Pueblos

Canadian Peace Congress

Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberanía de los Pueblos

Visiones de Política Internacional

Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberanía de los Pueblos

World Peace Council

Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberanía de los Pueblos

Jamaica Peace Council

Peace is everybody's business.......Keep the Caribbean and Latin America a Zone of Peace......End all wars.......Protect the environment.

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