It is with great sadness and a sense of loss, that we share our condolences on the passing of Comandante Fidel Castro, with our dear Cuban friends and comrades. Yet it is through his example, and that of the Cuban people, that he lives on in the hearts and minds of so many – where ‘History’ indeed has ‘Absolved’ itself. He was a courageous leader, visionary and source of inspiration for countless around the world, unshackling his country from the monstrosities of imperialism. Thereafter his legacy for social justice and equity; the welfare of the greater common good — a struggle the Cuban people collectively reached with dignity, humility and resolve, despite the constant threats and challenges of imperial aggression and the cruel effects of the blockade. A historical and geopolitical condition that is crucial to remember when the discourses of falsehood and right wing populism prevail. Within this context his deep intellect; abhorrence for hypocrisy; love for those most oppressed in society; and practices of international solidarity — set the stage and proved that such values and aspirations are not impossible. His immense courage and determination allowed him to shine powerfully across continents, and appeal to all generations both young and old. During these challenging times of war and displacement, the world continues to look to Cuba’s Revolutionary vision for inspiration and hope; as a teacher of justice and equity; for the strength in resisting hatred and hypocricy; for the political will of the collective; for novel ideas of solidarity; and for the courage, resolve and pure determination in creating a world of peace — Fidel’s light can never fade away. Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba! Hasta Victoria Siempre!



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Blog de Cuba en Japón

“Admiramos a Japón por su espíritu laborioso, por su cultura, por su talento, su filosofía, por su forma de enfrentar la vida.” Fidel Castro, Inauguración del jardín japonés en La Habana, 26.10.89

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